Tofu on a spade with red and green grapes
Serving 4 people 10 minutes preparation
  • 250g of plain tofu
  • 16 red grapes
  • 16 green grapes
  •  2 tea spoons cumin powder
  •  2 tea spoons walnut oil  (or olive oil)
  •  salt, pepper
  •  16 tooth picks
  1. Cut the tofu in 16 cubes. Place into a bowl the cumin powder, walnut oil, salt, pepper. Mix well. Add the tofu cubes into the marinade, mix delicately for the tofu to saturate
  2.  Pick off the bunch of grapes, wash well and dry them delicately.
  3. Prepare the spades : Put on each stick one red grape, one tofu cube, one green grape.
    Place on a plate and serve as aperitif.