Our Vision
Is to see the world where human development potential and sacredness of life on Earth is fully respected. We capture this vision through symbolism of the SEED.
Our Mission
Is to promote and produce organic healthy food for conscious living and in doing so to be a vehicle of higher consciousness in the global market of food that inspires and supports respect for all beings and for Mother Earth.
The Metaphor of the Seed

In SEEDS of the Earth lies the sacredness of life. Yet, it seems that we have forgotten this simple truth: no seed, no life. And this right has been taken away from too many people for more than 40% of worldwide seeds have been privatised and corporatized.

Mega-corporations are patenting everyday food seeds and then suing farmers who use them without their permission, pitting big business against small starving farmers across the world. This process is happening in the US, India, Brazil and more, and our entire food system is at risk. Monsanto alone owns 36% of all tomato, 32% of sweet pepper and 49% of cauliflower varieties registered in the EU (www. avaaz.org). Even more striking are the figures of genetically modified (GM) seeds – according to Greenpeace, Monsanto sold 90 percent of GM seeds worldwide in 2009.

This greedy ignorance is the epitome of the current planetary crisis in which money has become ‘the sovereign power’, disconnecting us from the ability to manifest conscious and intelligent societies. Acknowledging the fact that the SEED is the essence of abundance and wealth for all, we aspire to put its power of manifestation at the service of a higher and truer purpose.

In Aurosoya the metaphor of the Seed is the start of our alchemic journey.

Mother Earth reminds us every day how generous She is, as soya beans are soaked overnight to produce this magical alchemy awaiting us every morning. But Aurosoya is not just a mere food-processing unit, which would be a meagre objective indeed. Our aim is to not only produce healthy food for we aspire to use the symbolism of the seed at a much deeper and wider level.
We aspire to raise the awareness that it can be a tool for the transformation of inner and outer life:
  • At the physical level, firstly we emphasise the benefits of conscious food production and consumption that impact the health of our bodies in which we live and experience this world. Secondly, we put the extreme importance of bringing beauty in our lives and working spaces in order to put us in contact with the need for beautifying our surroundings. In other words, we wish to bridge the separation between the outside and inside and to move towards a progressive Oneness.
  • With that aspiration we then take the teaching of the Seed into the social and political sphere to raise the awareness of what is happening to the global food production and the consequences that it has on our lives. Modernisation has put our food into the supermarkets like any other technological product. Our food is made to look and feel like it is disconnected from Nature. It becomes odourless, well packed, no earth dirt and no roots. Most of us are not aware of how it grows and how to prepare it in a healthy way. We even tend to eat it fast and unconsciously. As His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama puts it: ‘We have become long on quantity but short on quality. These are times of fast foods but slow digestion; it is a time where there is much in the window but nothing in the room’.
  • This spirit of deeper awareness is translated as a conscious and responsible business aiming at sustainability at all levels – individual, organisational, communitary, and planetary. Thus, one of our key objectives is to spread the message of the importance to run sustainable, conscious businesses as one of the key remedies for the current planetary crisis. We aspire to embody the true spirit of Auroville, to become a model for the ‘City of the Future’. Aurosoya is just one cell of this collective body of cultural diversity aspiring to reach human unity.
  • At the outmost level, yet at the core of everything, we take the symbolism of the SEED as the essence of life, which we all carry within ourselves. It is up to us to take care of IT, to nourish IT, to water IT through a deep awareness of our daily actions, reactions, interactions, through our thoughts and feelings. It is an active meditation. Indeed, ‘All Life is Yoga’ (Sri Aurobindo).
The Alchemy of the Seed is taking birth from within and we all have the responsibility to awaken it and to protect it.