Organic Tofu (Soya Paneer)

Our regular Organic Tofu is made using completely organic and non-gmo soy beans. Can be added to salads or cooked with other dishes.

200 gms
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(Soy Paneer) is a Japanese word; the earliest known appearance was in 1182. A ‘true democrat in spirit’ tofu presents the same face to rich and poor alike. Placed before nobility in East Asia finest haute cuisine it is humble and unpretentious. Served up as peasant fare in rustic farmhouses, it is equally at home. Since earliest times the people of East Asia have honoured in poems and proverb, known as ‘Meat of the Fields’.


Tofu is an excellent food to use in combining proteins since it contains an abundance of lysine, an essential amino acid that is deficient in other grain products. By serving foods such as tofu and wholegrain bread or rice at the same meal and combining them in the correct ratios, we are able, in effect, to ‘create’ new protein at no extra cost. For example, by serving 3 and half ounces tofu together with one and a quarter cups brown rice, we obtain 32% more protein than if we served these foods separately. Therefore, tofu’s unique amino acid composition makes it not only a basic protein source, but also a truly remarkable protein booster!

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Weight 200 gms
Shelf Life 1 month
Health Benifits
  • Tofu is an important source of protein for many vegetarians and vegans.
  • It may help lower "bad" LDL cholesterol.
  • It may offer relief for certain symptoms of menopause.
  • One block of tofu contains 177 calories.
  • Tofu helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Intake of tofu also aids in managing weight effectively.
  • The organic compounds in tofu, namely isoflavones, are instrumental in managing the symptoms of menopause in women
  • The isoflavones in tofu are known to be beneficial in reducing the risk of different types of cancer
  • Tofu is a rich source of calcium, which is the key ingredient in bone formation.
  • Tofu, being rich in protein, phosphorus, and sodium, is a wonderful food for your kidney health.
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