HEALTHY FOOD carries many meanings here:

  1. In the current climate of escalating GMO crops, which take away the sacredness of life in natural seeds, Aurosoya is dedicated in undertaking and promoting the organic cultivation of GM-free soya beans.
  2. By producing organic soya based products we encourage people to not participate in consuming mass animal farm production, which involves systemic torturing of other species that have become characteristic of the current global economy. Two thirds of the world’s food production goes into the mouths of industrially farmed and slaughtered animals in order to feed humans. Furthermore, ‘Farmed animals consume much more protein, water and calories than they produce, so far greater quantities of crops and water are needed to produce animal ‘products’ than to feed people direct on a plant-based diet’ ( In East Asian countries that have always lived with overpopulation soybeans has been prized for her remarkable ability to produce over 33 % more protein from an acre of land than any other known crop and twenty times as much as usable protein as could raised on an acre given over to grazing beef cattle.
  3. We respond to worldwide pressure of creating sustainable and conscious businesses with low CO2 footprint products to which Aurosoya responds perfectly given that our key resources (i.e. soya beans) are sourced domestically.Moreover, it is important to stress that the livestock industry is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire transport sector (which produces 13.5%), including aviation (
  4. There has been worldwide recognition of the potential of businesses to become forms of education for raising global consciousness in all aspects of human living. In Aurosoya’s case, we promote– healthy vegan food for conscious living.
  5. We also cater for the increasing number of people who are becoming allergic to dairy products and in consuming soya based products can receive many health benefits including proteins, vitamins and minerals