Welcome to Aurosoya

Our little factory located in Auroville, Southern India (pondicherry area) is a place where we are dedicated to promoting healthy food for conscious living. In our productive space we believe in the Athanor miracle of alchemy. In the ancient times Athanor was the name given to the brass barrel used for the alchemy. In Aurosoya we work a lot with barrels, pots and the food alchemy. We take fresh, ORGANIC soya beans grown in India, soak them over night, cook them and watch in awe how these organic beans give us the flow of white, healthy soymilk which we then further turn into tofu (soya paneer), yoghurt, buttermilk….

And the process is still not over. We approach our work consciously. We take the extra products such as okara to make our delicious OKARA MUESLI or to bake our yummy VEGAN CAKES. We take the pulp to feed Auroville horses and we take the beans skin to feed our compost. Nothing gets wasted in our respect for the beauty and generosity of the Mother Earth. In Aurosoya we are inspired by the infinite possibilities of Her alchemy and Her transformations.

Aurosoya aims at being a sacred place where all our products promote health and true wellness and are made with loving care.

Auroville is a planned universal township for up to 50,000 people under development in south east India, located close to the Coromandel Coast some 10 kms north of Puducherry. Based on a profoundly evolutionary vision, its focus is on the integral development of mankind by creating viable environmental, social and spiritually sustainable models.

OUR VISION is to see the world where human development potential and sacredness of life on Earth is fully respected. We capture this vision through symbolism of the SEED. See OUR STORY on the metaphor of the seed. Read more

OUR MISSION is to promote and produce organic healthy food for conscious living and in doing so to be a vehicle of higher consciousness in the global market of food that inspires and supports respect for all beings and for Mother Earth.